How to Select a Qualified Endodontist for Root Canal Treatment in Abu Dhabi

If you have a lingering sensitivity to hot and cold food and beverages, pain in the gums or chipped or cracked teeth, then it could be due to an infection. There is decay deep down to the roots, and you might need a root canal treatment to combat the situation. Dentists and endodontists suggest this mode of treatment when they are convinced that the pulp inside the root canal is inflamed or infected. Maybe there was a crack in the teeth or an injury that you had ignored. Over time, it led to inflammation, followed by pain and possibly abscess. Often, when a person doesn’t have pain, it might be the regular dental check up that highlights the need for a root canal. Whatever the reason, if the dentist has advised root canal in Abu Dhabi, then visit a qualified and certified endodontist to proceed with the procedure.

Selecting the right endodontist is the key to successful root canal in Abu Dhabi

A successful endodontist saves thousands of patients every year through root canal treatment. Given below are some tips on how to hire a qualified endodontist so you can have the perfect root canal in Abu Dhabi treatment. This guide would help you make the right choice in selecting one.

The reputation of the endodontist

If you have been advised of a root canal procedure from your dentist, he normally advises you which endodontist to visit. This recommendation helps greatly in visiting the right doctor for your procedure. You can also check out the dentist’s track record of success to gain an insight into the procedures they have performed over the years.

Gives you the heads up regarding the treatment

The endodontist would give you complete details about what to expect, at the pre-treatment session. Apart from explaining the procedure and why you need to do it, the dentist would give you advice on how long the treatment can take, what to expect and what after-care measures you have to take. The dentist would also tell you how often you need to come for the follow-up visits.

The ambiance at the clinic

You can make a personal visit to the dental clinic to see the settings and to talk with the dentist and staff, if needed. If you are comfortable with the ambiance of the clinical settings, and are happy with the dentist and the staff, then you can schedule for the root canal in Abu Dhabi. It is very important that you are calm and relaxed, and the dentist makes you relaxed because you can go for the treatment with a calm mind.


Before deciding to go for the procedure, make sure to discuss the payment options with the dentist, so you can decide which mode would be best suitable for you. At Indus Dental Centre, you have excellent dentists and qualified endodontists for the root canal in Abu Dhabi treatment. They come highly recommended, and give you excellent tips and advice on how to maintain oral health and hygiene post-treatment.

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