Orthodontic Innovations: The Latest Trends in Braces


Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that is like a blessing for those who wish to correct their teeth. Be it to align misaligned or crowded teeth or to correct the over-biting issue, orthodontics has solutions for you. With the advancement in technology, this branch of dentistry has witnessed innovations that revolutionized our approach to teeth alignment. Technological advancements in orthodontics have reached a point where it can provide teeth alignment solutions with more options and greater comforts than ever before. The journey towards perfectly aligned teeth has gone far beyond traditional methods with cutting-edge technologies. Dental braces in Abu Dhabi have also had innovative transformations adding to a greater comfort for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. Best orthodontist in Abu Dhabi like Indus Dental Center have been trying to make awareness of the latest pain-free orthodontic procedures to encourage their patients to go for these innovative solutions.

This blog being an exploration into the latest trends in orthodontic treatment also gives a glimpse of the enhanced patient experience and improved treatment timeline, with insights from clinics offering dental braces in Abu Dhabi.

Latest trends in braces

Self-ligating braces

The braces that had been tightened to teeth using elastic bands were a thing of the past. Self-ligating braces these days, come with an option to fix the wires using clips. This has not only reduced the pain that comes from elastic bands but also reduced the irritation caused by a tightrope arrangement of such bands, says best orthodontist in Abu Dhabi.

 3D printing and orthodontics

What does this 3D printing have to do with orthodontics? You might be wondering. You might have heard about buildings constructed using 3D printing. If that is possible, why is it so amusing to hear about the application of 3D printing in orthodontics?

In this technique, our teeth are scanned using a digital scanner. Using the scanned image a 3D model of your teeth is made. Using this model it is possible to plan your treatment accurately. Beyond this application, 3D printing can be used to create braces on the clinic itself. This will reduce the time required for the work to come from the manufacturing unit. According to clinics offering dental braces in Abu Dhabi, this is a technology that could make dental procedures and the employment of braces efficient.

Robots on teeth alignment

The use of miniature robots could be used to align your teeth in a steady process. See where technology has brought us. Would you believe that the use of braces has been complemented by digital add-ons that can send real-time information about your teeth alignment to the best orthodontist in Abu Dhabi?

The leap of technology is beyond our imagination. Innovations such as 3D printing, robot employment for teeth alignment, and self-ligating braces seem to have revolutionized the realm of orthodontic treatment. Are you looking for a clinic with expert orthodontists and state-of-the-art treatment like this? If you want to get quality braces and treatment from the best orthodontist in Abu Dhabi, Indus Dental Center will be the best option. With a commitment to customer satisfaction through designing smiles beyond imagination Indus Dental Center provides the best dental braces in Abu Dhabi.


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