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Dental crowns are caps that are used to protect a tooth or a dental implant.They can also be used with bridges to strengthen numerous teeth.

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    Dental Crowns

    Get your Quality Dental Crowns In Abu Dhabi

    Dental crowns are caps that are used to protect a tooth or a dental implant. Dentists routinely suggest crowns to strengthen teeth that are cracked, weak, or misshapen. Dental crowns can also be used to conceal a badly damaged or discolored tooth. They can also be used with bridges to strengthen numerous teeth. Dental crowns (caps) and bridges are often placed for three reasons:

    • A tooth has been so extensively damaged by decay or so thoroughly repaired by fillings that only cast restoration may preserve it.
    • When a tooth has been endodontically treated ( root canal treatment ). Because they have lost a significant amount of tooth structure due to fracture, decay, or the drilling procedure, these teeth are usually typically treated using a cast restoration. Under typical and modest chewing pressures, these teeth are prone to shatter.
    • A crown may be required to utilise the tooth as an abutment (anchor) for a bridge to replace lost teeth.
    Why to Invest in Dental Crowns

    Beyond just improving your smile’s appearance, investing in dental crowns is a wise move that will benefit both your oral health and general well-being. With dental crowns, you can address a variety of dental issues in multiple ways. They ensure optimal functionality while restoring the integrity of compromised teeth, protecting them from future degradation. Crowns give long-term strength, durability, and a natural appearance that melds with your smile because they are made of strong materials. By spending money on dental crowns, you’re taking proactive steps to protect your teeth, keep your mouth healthy, and have a radiant smile that improves your quality of life.

    Benefits of getting Dental Crown

    Here are some of the benefits of dental crowns:

    • Restoring the Structure of the tooth: Dental crowns ensure the structural stability of decaying or damaged teeth by restoring their integrity.
    • Enhanced Appearance: The crown can enhance the look of your smile by hiding flaws and discolorations.
    • Longevity and durability: Dental crowns are made from strong materials that can resist daily wear and tear and provide long-lasting results.
    • Protection and Prevention: Crowns protect weak teeth from potential harm and guard them against further decay and fractures.
    • Improved functionality: Dental crowns improve overall dental health by restoring optimal chewing and biting function.
    • Natural look: Crowns are crafted to look and feel like real teeth so they fit in with your smile.
    • Versatility: Crowns can be used for dental bridge treatments, restorations, and cosmetic upgrades.
    • Increased Confidence: A dental crown-restored smile can boost social confidence and self-esteem.
    Different Types of Dental Crown 

    Here are some of the different types of dental crowns:

    • Porcelain crowns: Crowns made of porcelain have a natural appearance and closely resemble the color and translucency of real teeth. They are perfect for visible places like the front teeth.
    • Ceramic crowns: They are ideal for front and back teeth and, like porcelain ones, offer a lifelike appearance.
    • Metal Crowns: Metal crowns are incredibly strong and resistant to deterioration. They are made of metal alloys such as gold. They are frequently used for molars and other chewing-intensive areas.
    • Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal Crowns: PFM combines metal’s durability with porcelain’s visual appeal. They fit a variety of teeth and are adaptable.
    • Zirconia Crowns: Zirconia crowns are an excellent option for both front and back teeth because of their strength and endurance. They provide a more natural appearance and are less likely to chip.
    • E-Max Crowns: These crowns are resilient and aesthetically pleasing, constructed of a high-strength ceramic substance. They frequently serve as front teeth.
    • Temporary Crowns: These crowns are temporarily placed while your permanent crowns are created. While you wait, they offer security and uphold beauty.
    Dental Bridge

    An efficient way to restore lost teeth is with a dental bridge, which is usually held by dental crowns. It not only improves the appearance of your smile but also keeps your bite in the right alignment by preventing the adjoining teeth from moving.

    Dental Crown Procedure

    There are various procedures involved in placing a dental crown, beginning with shaping the tooth and obtaining an imprint. After that, a dental lab fabricates your unique crown. The crown is firmly installed during the last appointment, ensuring a good fit and a natural appearance. Here are some of the steps involved:

    1. Preparing the tooth: The affected tooth is reshaped and prepared to place the crown accurately.
    2. Taking an impression: the dentist will take an impression or mold to create the right fit for the crown.
    3. Matching the color: The shade of the crown will be selected carefully to match the rest of your teeth to get a natural look.
    4. Temporary crown: The dentist will place a temporary crown while the permanent one is created.
    5. Crown fabrication: We will create a customized crown based on the impression.
    6. Fitting and adjustments: The permanent crown is placed and any necessary adjustments are made for proper fit and bite.
    7. Cementing the crown: Once the fit is satisfactory, the dentist will permanently bond the crown to the teeth.
    8. Final touch: The crown will be polished for a smooth and natural look.
    9. After care: Our dentist will provide proper care and maintenance for long-lasting results.
    Cost of Dental Crown Treatment

    Based on the type of crown selected and the intricacy of the treatment, the prices for dental crowns in Abu Dhabi can change. During your consultation, our staff will provide you with a thorough estimate to ensure transparency and peace of mind.

    Why choose us?
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    • Complete dental solutions for aesthetic dentistry by offering game-changing procedures like porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and dental implants for a brilliant smile.
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    What are dental crowns, and how do they benefit patients?
    Dental crowns in Abu Dhabi are placed over damaged or decayed teeth so their strength, size, shape, and appearance can be restored to almost normal functionality. Crowns offer protection, restoration, durability, and restoration of functionality to damaged teeth. With crowns, patients can use their teeth to chew, bite, and speak, and maintain their dental health and function.

    It is very easy to book a consultation with our dentists at Indus Dental Center since you can do this online. Visit our website to book the appointment and enter your preferred date, with the email address for your dental crowns in Abu Dhabi.

    Dental crowns are made of ceramic, porcelain, metal, zirconia, and porcelain-fused-to-metal. The material choice depends on the location of the tooth, durability requirements, budget, aesthetics, etc.
    Dental crowns in Abu Dhabi placement begin with consultation with our dentist, followed by tooth preparation in removing decayed and damaged areas. Then we will make an impression of the tooth, and prepare temporary crowns, followed by permanent crowns within 1-2 weeks. The dentist will guide you on how to maintain the crowns so they will have better durability and performance throughout usage.
    We are very strict about quality standards and advanced techniques and materials to provide the best dental crowns. We have skilled and experienced dentists who are experts in restorative dentistry and they are knowledgeable in crown preparation and placement.