Ways The Braces Effects The Shape Of Your Face

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The majority of individuals with crooked or misaligned teeth opt for orthodontics in order to attain a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Further, these orthodontic alternatives may also contribute to improved oral health. The best orthodontist in Abu Dhabi are frequently confronted with inquiries concerning the impact of orthodontics on the teeth and their potential to modify the contour of the face. Our dental braces in Abu Dhabi have reached a consensus to definitively address all of your inquiries and uncertainties.

Do braces alter the contour of the face?

Indeed, the answer is affirmative. The best orthodontist in Abu Dhabi are capable of altering the appearance of the visage. Nevertheless, the enhancements are entirely favourable and may also benefit your oral health. Dental braces in Abu Dhabi will correct all of your balance and dental issues once he or she applies braces. Your mouth and jaws will appear more natural, and your visage will appear more symmetrical.

How do braces alter the contour of the face?

Three significant orthodontic issues are correctable with braces. When these are corrected, your facial musculature undergoes profound transformations that can substantially improve your facial structure.

  • Underbite

Underbite is characterised by the position of the lower teeth anterior to the upper teeth. As a result, the lower mandible becomes protruding. In this situation, there may be a significant difference between your visage before and after braces. Upon correction of the imbalance, the lower mandible will exhibit a greater degree of symmetry in relation to the remainder of the face. You will appear with gentler, more natural features.

  • Overbite

An additional orthodontic concern that may be remedied with the application of braces by your Plantation dentist. They are able to significantly enhance the contour of the mandible. The consequence of excessive protrusion of the upper teeth relative to the lower teeth is the development of hollow cheekbones and a weakened chin. A more symmetrical facial structure, as well as a more robust chin and jawline, can be achieved subsequent to the implementation of braces through the proper alignment of the mandible and the facilitation of the arches’ convergence.

  • Open Bite

An open bite is characterised by the protrusion of the lips and jaw. The condition is conspicuous due to the protrusion of the upper lip and, in extreme instances, the inability to seal the mouth normally. Your Plantation dentist can easily resolve the issue with braces. The vertical alignment of the teeth will be improved through the consolidation of the teeth, thus rectifying the condition of protruding teeth. In addition to enhancing your functionality and charm, this will assist you in closing your mouth properly.

  • Additional Forms of Malocclusion

Additional forms of malocclusion, including crooked teeth or crossbite, may also negatively affect your appearance. The proper alignment of your teeth with the assistance of braces can assist you in attaining a symmetrical, attractive, and healthy smile that complements the remainder of your facial features.

Aspects That Influence These Alterations

There are additional variables that influence the degree to which your braces can modify your facial structure. Typically, the degree and scope of change are contingent upon an individual’s age and state of oral health. It is advisable to consult a Plantation dentist prior to undergoing orthodontics.

  • Children and Young Adults

Due to the ongoing developmental process, growing children and adolescents possess more flexible teeth, gums, jawbones, and musculature. At this stage, the influence of braces on development can be more pronounced. Consequently, these orthodontic procedures are particularly suggested for adolescents.

  • Adults

The bone surrounding the oral cavity becomes more rigid and resistant to change as we age. In addition, inadequate oral hygiene and other dental complications, such as periodontal disease, can significantly impede the body’s capacity for regeneration by reducing the production of bone-forming cells. If you desire optimal results from your orthodontic treatments and to prevent periodontal diseases, you must therefore maintain healthy gums and teeth.

We trust that this blog post has furnished you with the necessary information. In search of the best orthodontist in Abu Dhabi? Contact us at dental braces in Abu Dhabi to take advantage of our dental care services.

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