When to Worry: Simple Signs You Might Need a Root Canal

root canal

Dental care is something most of us ignore. We have indeed taken our teeth for granted.

The value of a great smile or the functionality of our teeth for chewing is something most of us appreciate only when we lose it.

Like every other part in our body our teeth needs proper attention and care.

But there are certain situations in which severe teeth ache forces us to remove teeth voluntarily.

Time has changed and modern technology rooted in innovation has come up with novel treatments to retain our teeth no matter how infected they are.

Yes, in this blog we’re about to discuss on root canal treatment with information provided from expert doctors of Indus Dental Center which is the best dental center in Abu Dhabi.

What is a root canal?

Try searchingroot canal in Abu Dhabi’. You might be brainstormed with medical jargons which makes it difficult to understand.

Here we will try to understand it in simple terms.

As already mentioned it is a novel treatment to retain your teeth in case of infection.

How? Consider the situation in which your teeth have had an infection and the infection is spreading beyond your teeth to your root canal which are nerves nourishing your teeth.

Root canal treatment is a step by step method of cleaning the pulp or inner part of your teeth and sealing off the root canals.

It is followed by a filling of your teeth with cement like material and fixing a cap on your teeth in a way that retains your original teeth.

Only a modern dental center in Abu Dhabi with state of the art machines could take you through a safe and pain free root canal treatment with gentle dentistry and modern anaesthesia

What are the symptoms that means you require a root canal?

  • Severe teeth ache: Chances are there that your teeth is infected. A proper diagnosis require dental X-ray. An advanced dental clinic providing root canal in Abu Dhabi will have state of the art X-ray facilities
  • Swollen gums: If your gums are swollen or pus seems to be coming around your gums your teeth might have infected requiring a root canal, says the best dental center in Abu Dhabi.
  • Broken teeth or crevices: Your teeth might have broken due to an accident or crevices have formed in your teeth. Please find the best dental center in Abu Dhabi to see if your teeth has infected already.
  • Teeth sensitivity: Sensitivity to heat and cold substances are also symptoms of an infection. Meet your dentist to find if you require root canal in Abu Dhabi.
  • Discoloration of teeth: This might be another symptom of teeth infection.

In such circumstances panicking might not help.

Immediately consult your dentist to confirm if your teeth requires a root canal surgery. Please ensure that you approach the best dentist in your area to conduct root canal in Abu Dhabi.

Indus Dental Center is the top dental center in Abu Dhabi providing the state of the art dental technology for your dental care. A personalised treatment for your root canal in Abu Dhabi will ensure the required number consultations with your dentist to cure your teeth at the earliest.

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